Our Darling Little Elliot

Our Darling Little Elliot

Where the Roas began

The Roa Legend began in 1999 when we met in an undergraduate math class. We were math rivals taking algebra to a level no one imagined. Through each equation, word problem, and mathematical graph we became the greatest of friends. Through the years of growing up we learned more about love and life and realized that there was no one else for each other than.... well... each other. The rest is history and now we live life blessed with each other and a new little adventure almost here with us... little Elliot Graham.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The ever changing present

Today is Sunday, January 22nd. We are basically counting down the hours until Calie gives birth to our baby, expanding the Roa family by one. We cannot express how excited we are to meet our little Elliot. We know that it's going to be a huge change for our every day shenanigans, and that it's going to require a bit more effort, but Calie and I have never been so ready to make the sacrifices associated with caring for our own conglomeration of deoxyribonucleic acid.

Luckily, in this transition phase of life for the Roas, Senorita Kloke, has flown over from London to help us take care of little Elliot. It's been fun having her around since around the 11th February and we are looking forward to the help that an extra pair of loving hands will bring to this household for the next 5 months.

Even though Calie is about ready to give birth to our baby, she is still a trooper. She was drilling, filling, pulling, and crowning teeth all the way up to this last Friday. I can just imagine her drilling and filling while her belly rests on her patient's head. HAHA. I wish I could have gotten a picture of that!

We went to the Winterhawks Hockey game last night and sat center rink, about 1/2 way up. Calie and I have been to hockey games before, and it's always been fun to watch. Jehanne, on the other hand, had never been to a hockey game and absolutely loved it. I think she was even more thrilled when she got to "pose" with TOMAHAWK, the Winterhawk's Mascot. What she wasn't thrilled about, was how bad she smelled after HUGGING the Mascot (I don't think Jehanne is accustomed to smelling like BO and beer). I think those mascots are pretty dodgey! haha.

Tuesday will be my last day of work at WaMu (now a part of Chase) for a little while. I'm going to just stay home and take care of Calie until she has the baby and then take care of Elliot after he is born. It's going to be a great bonding time for the Roa family. I'm really looking forward to it.

Hopefully, the next post will involve pictures of our baby boy with Mom and Dad holding him....stay tuned.


  1. I hope the next post will have pictures of the little guy too. Macy needs a new boyfriend! :)