Our Darling Little Elliot

Our Darling Little Elliot

Where the Roas began

The Roa Legend began in 1999 when we met in an undergraduate math class. We were math rivals taking algebra to a level no one imagined. Through each equation, word problem, and mathematical graph we became the greatest of friends. Through the years of growing up we learned more about love and life and realized that there was no one else for each other than.... well... each other. The rest is history and now we live life blessed with each other and a new little adventure almost here with us... little Elliot Graham.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The baby story

8.1lbs and 20.25inches

Our little angel decided that he would arrive and join the world on the 28th of February 2009. I cannot believe that 40 weeks came and went so quickly and that little Elliot is finally here.

We had had a few doctor appointments near the end of my pregnancy where his heart rate would have a rather irregular rhythm. We were closely monitoring it with quite a few sessions on monitors and ultrasounds. Everything inside looked great but these heartbeat rhythms were not getting any better with time and so my doctor decided that at my 40 week and 2 day appointment that it was time to try and get this little guy out. He was not making any progress on his own so we thought we would help the process along and induce me Friday the 27th @ 1pm.
After a night of getting my cervix ready we began the induction @ 7am Sat morning. After 13 hours of progressing and laboring he still was not progressing to any point that was considered ideal. His heart rate was still showing divets that, according to our doctor, suggested placental insufficiency and were also not improving and at 8pm we decided to move ahead with the c-section. I was reluctant at first but seeing how he was not getting any closer to coming and his heart beat not getting any better it was decided that surgery would be the best decision to make sure that my little man would be healthy and happy and in his mom's arms. So at 8:30pm I was wheeled off to surgery.
Anthony was right at my side being the most amazing supporter and cheerleader and at 9:18pm our baby boy took his first breath and screamed his head off. We both began crying with joy and could not believe that at that moment we had become parents and our life would change forever. I could feel my heart explode and expand and I had just fallen in love with another person (I still had not met him yet!). Anthony went to get him and you can see in his pic just how proud and happy dad is with the arrival of his little boy. I cannot believe the pride and joy I could see in Ant's eyes. I think that he will never be able to find a moment that tops this one!

Our doctor told us after he was born that the umbilical cord was too short for a vaginal delivery. I have not heard of this but apparently it happens! So our decision to proceed with a c-section was a blessing as who knows what he would have gone through if we had of waited to see if he would progress any more, which of course he would not have.

I finally got to hold Elliot when we were in the recovery room and I could not believe how absolutely perfect he was. Just look at him :)
It was very emotional and if you have had children then you understand the amazing sense of completeness at that point in your life. There is very little else that compares to holding your own child. The love you feel cannot be explained.

It has been 5 days now and we are slowly learning the routine of parenting. It is taking its time and comes with its ups and downs but is amazing. I did not think that it was possible to cry this much and will find myself randomly bursting in to tears and the next second be so happy that you cannot wipe the smile from my face. Thanks to the combo of hormones, lack of sleep and some very strong drugs they have me on from the surgery!!! It is really funny and Anthony is just one heck of a dad and husband and is entertained by these random outbursts but is the first to grab tissues, rub my back, and tell me everything is going to be okay :)
Today was a great day though and am proud to say that no tears were shed today and we are getting better and figuring out the routine and making life run a little smoother with this new family member.

Life has now begun!
The Roa family is one happy clan and life is just getting better with each day. I love being a mom and wife and am just in my element.

Well hope you enjoy the tale and thanks again for all the amazing support, prayers, messages and visits. We are forever grateful :)


  1. We are so glad little Elliot is here. I just love him too, so I can only try and imagine how you must feel. He is perfect. Keep taking it easy and you will be back at everything in no time. : )

  2. Thanks for sharing your story. I have tears in my eyes after reading it. I am so happy for your family and thankful God answered the prayers of many for a safe and healthy delivery! You are an absolutely gorgeous family. I can't wait to meet little Elliot and watch him grow as the years pass. Lean on God during those tough days and late nights. HE is always there for you and loves you all so very much.

    April and family :-)

  3. Reading your story makes me remember the moment so clearly! I've never felt so connected to life. And there really is no way to explain all of it. It's really amazing! It's a joy to see Anthony and you so glowing about your new addition. You're in for a ride, like you said, with serious ups and downs, but if the ups didn't outweigh the downs no one would do it! Every day is more fun and exciting than the next.

    I am so happy for you guys and absolutely can't wait to meet the little man (and to see you guys again). We're planning to come to Portland for a zoo trip sometime in April. Hopefully you will be up for visitors by then. We're still trying to coordinate weekends with the Swifts, so I'll let you know.

    I hope you're healing well. I was not a personal fan of C-sections, although you sometimes just have to do what you have to do. :-) I wish you a speedy recovery. We're sending all our love your way.

    Den, Fred, Max, & Logan

  4. Hey guys,

    We are thrilled at the arrival of little Elliot, and wishing we were closer to be part of your support during this time. Please give him a couple of kisses for us in between the millions of kisses he is getting from you.

    And thanks for sharing the story. It sounds so familiar to our story with Josiah. His heart was racing and couldn't be induced. I will pray as you recover, and for Ant as he deals with your emotional ups and downs. :-)

    Now all that stuff you learned while pregnant...how to function on while being extremely tired, how to lug around everything in a very awkward way, but still carry it all, how to deal with the roller coaster emotions, how to sleep whenever you got a chance, how to handle amazingly pungent smells and not vomit, how to worry about every little weird feeling in your body and feel completely helpless because you didn't know what it was...yep...all of that was for a reason. :-) You are more ready for motherhood than you know it.

    May the Lord continue to richly bless your sweet family.

    Kim Lee