Our Darling Little Elliot

Our Darling Little Elliot

Where the Roas began

The Roa Legend began in 1999 when we met in an undergraduate math class. We were math rivals taking algebra to a level no one imagined. Through each equation, word problem, and mathematical graph we became the greatest of friends. Through the years of growing up we learned more about love and life and realized that there was no one else for each other than.... well... each other. The rest is history and now we live life blessed with each other and a new little adventure almost here with us... little Elliot Graham.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Now I am going to add some pictures.....

Well the week has already been busy and I am glad that I am only on a half day (doctor's orders!). I am wiped out by the end of the day and nap times are becoming a lot more frequent!
As you can see I am getting bigger and bigger! Three weeks to go and even that might be a stretch the way Elliot has been acting up :)

He has been kicking like nothing else and my ribs are taking quite the whacking from him. Why I oughta......

Anthony and I have been taking our birthing classes and on Monday we got to watch a real birth movie. It was quite the experience actually seeing what is going to happen and as scary and unpredictable as it is, we were both speechless and I was a little teary eyed. What a crazy experience this is going to be and I am happy that, for all that you go through, you end up with such a wonderful gift of a baby in the end. Would not put my body through this for anything else!!!

Here are Tim and Anthony figuring out our wonderful sofa couch from Ikea.... it was really funny as you can see Timothy is pointing!!! The men did a wonderful job and got the couch assembled with no problems what so ever. So proud of them.

Well am off for a fun night at church. Later.....


  1. That picture is sooooo what they looked like. Ha Ha Ha. Love the pictures!

  2. You look beautiful! Hang in there Elliot, and give your mama a break with the kicking! Love you guys

  3. Yay! I am happy to see you in the blog world. I love that cute picture of you! I can't wait to see little Elliot...as long as he waits until you are ready. : )