Our Darling Little Elliot

Our Darling Little Elliot

Where the Roas began

The Roa Legend began in 1999 when we met in an undergraduate math class. We were math rivals taking algebra to a level no one imagined. Through each equation, word problem, and mathematical graph we became the greatest of friends. Through the years of growing up we learned more about love and life and realized that there was no one else for each other than.... well... each other. The rest is history and now we live life blessed with each other and a new little adventure almost here with us... little Elliot Graham.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

February 6th, 7th, and 8th.

The conclusion of this week started at 10pm on Friday night. Friday, of course, was my last da
y at the Hillsboro Branch of WaMu (now part of Chase) where I've served a solid 25 months. I'm moving down the street (about 2 miles) from my old branch, but to a completely different atmosphere. Probably the most difficult thing about making this switch for me, is leaving a group of co-workers that I've really gotten to know, and care about. 10pm, Friday night, one of my co-workers, Bianca, organized a bowling party and all of my co-workers showed up to have a good night of throwing balls at white pins 100 feet down the lane. Little did I know, but everyone had bought stuff for our baby, and threw a surprise baby shower for me. I don't think I've ever felt so loved as I did at that point from co-workers. It was truly remarkable to have all my colleagues (and friends, might I add) go out of there way and take concern for my baby.
Saturday, Calie and I finished up with some nesting (Me, probably a bit more than she, but she needed a day off with the girls for a pedicure, laughs, a stamp-it-up party, and some shopping).
I managed to get all of our jam-packed closets cleaned out and moved to the garage, shelves and pictures hung, laundry done, car cleaned out and much much more. Saturday night, my work was rewarded
twofold. Calie had bought me a new pair of stylin' shoes and we were invited to the Schmidty's house for some pizza, a movie and great company (including the Schmidts, the Scotts, and my best friend....).
Sunday was almost a day of rest. Calie and I woke up around 7:15am and made our way to church. After church, Calie and I headed out for some Olive Garden and took advantage of the soup/salad/breadsticks combo. Calie LOVES the Olive Garden ( I think her second love is the breadsticks that are served there ). I've had most of the day off today (except for some last minute cleaning, cooking, and laundry) while Calie has been studying diligently for her mid terms that have sneaked up on her.
The weekend seems to have sneaked past us already, but we feel really blessed because we get to go to work and school after a weekend to ourselves. We know that there are many people who choose to work, but cannot find any at this time.
We are also counting down the hours until Jehanne gets here and plays the role of super-nanny. Only 44 hours 'til Aunty Jeh gets here!

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